JULIO 1/2014

This year the students of “ Instituto San Jose” gave their best in the first CULTURAL FAIR 2014. The fair included 18 countries from different continents of the world. It was an amazing experience for students to share their multicultural knowledge, creativity and improve their English level as well. The Cultural Fair included since artistic presentations where students showed through typical dancing, dressing, and music the most relevant aspect of each country. On the other hand, each country was represented in beautiful stands full of art and culture. Each stand included  country’s history, landmarks, economy, gastronomy, major festivities,   environmental issues that each country face currently  like endangered species, pollution, garbage among others. This was also an interdisciplinary activity; since the environmental problems of each country were evaluated in Science class, as the historical aspects were also evaluated in History and Sociology Classes. Of course, this is a great chance to motivate students to look for excellence and learn English since different disciplines.

Este año los estudiantes del Instituto San José dieron lo mejor de sí en su primer FERIA DE CULTURAS 2014 La feria incluyo 18 países de diferentes continentes del mundo.  Este fue una experiencia asombrosa para los estudiantes, el compartir conocimientos multiculturales, usaron su creatividad y mejoraron su nivel de inglés.  La Feria de culturas incluyó, desde presentaciones artísticas donde los estudiantes demostraron trajes típicos, bailes, etc.  Cada stand incluyó historia del país, lugares sobresalientes, economía, gastronomía y eventos sobresalientes en la historia.